Bitter Taste

Perhaps it’s because the good weather has finally arrived here in Beaverton, but I seem to have become a bit more sanguine about my difficult situation with Etherkit, as described in my last post. It’s in my nature to be more of a realist (others might call it pessimism), sometimes trending to a bit of fatalism. I probably should not have stated quite so equivocally that Etherkit is shut down.

I do plan on continuing to sell kits until I am out of stock. I may also keep replenishing a small amount of the OpenBeacon 30 meter and 40 meter kits, as I still do get occasional sales of those. In the mean time, I will still work on projects, even if only to keep me sane. One of my larger stumbling blocks right now is that the backlight on my TDS1012 oscilloscope completely gave out, rendering it nearly useless for now. So the first order of business in getting back in the game is to procure a replacement, probably a Rigol DS1052E or something similar. (I could work on fixing it, but after the investment in time and tools, I will probably be better off just getting a new inexpensive scope for now). So to that end, I have put new stuff up for sale in order to help fund a new scope.

So things are probably not quite as bleak as I first thought, if I can get a new oscilloscope soon. I still have the challenge of funding a new kit run, but perhaps I should just proceed to that point, then worry about that problem when I get there. I’m sorry to be that guy, but we all have our weak moments when times get difficult. For now, we’ll just say I’m on an extended hiatus and will be making no promises, but perhaps Etherkit is not quiet dead yet.

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