Red Pill

There are times when one must face the reality of situations, no matter how painful it may be, because the alternative is even more destructive in the long term. This is one of those times for me. As I'm sure you have noticed, blogging here has dried up, I have done a horrible job in responding to emails, and developments at Etherkit have ground to a near halt.

Without getting into many overly-personal details other than to say that due to a lack of resources, I have made the decision that I see no viable way forward for Etherkit at this point, and rather than belabor the illusion that things will get better at some indeterminate point in the future, it is better for my mental health and my family to institute a graceful indefinite hiatus on the company. Why not a total shutdown of the business? I would like to liquidate the inventory that I have left and I want to keep my website online for at least another year (and preferably much longer) so that the documentation is still available.

To that end, I have decided to cut the price of the CRX1 receiver kit to a very nice price of $30 so that I can get a little more cash flow before turning off the store. If you could do me a solid, and let any of your kit-building friends know about this, I would be most grateful.

I will have more words about the personal situation here in the next post, but for now I wanted to move this process forward. I would like to most sincerely thank all of the fine folks who have been customers and beta testers for Etherkit. I know that I have been lacking in many ways and apologize for my poor level of responsiveness. Because I don't like to slam doors closed completely, this may not be the absolute end of Etherkit, but for now I am treating it as such.

Thank you so much.