New Beginnings

Hello. Yes, I have kind of fallen off of the face of the Earth, so to speak. This was done as a bit of mental self-preservation, which I’ll get into a bit more below. I know that I have not done a good job in staying in touch with many internet friends, for which I… Read More New Beginnings


A huge thank you to everyone who made the effort to try the Brave browser via my referral link. I ended up getting significantly more BAT than I expected from it. Given the current exchange rate of about $0.22, that’s a nice bit of funding for my work. I very much appreciate all of you… Read More Dang

Be Brave

As previously mentioned, I’ve been experimenting with using the combination of the Brave browser and its advertising partner program to bring in some extra funding for my work (and replace what I was getting from Patreon). You can see from my last blog post on the topic that the results have already been positive. Now… Read More Be Brave