New Homebrewing Finds on the Web

I got a few pleasant surprises this weekend regarding ham homebrewing websites. First off, I received a very nice e-mail from Jonathan, KB1KIX. He stumbled upon my documentation for the Willamette transceiver (AKA the Group Project), and took the time to do a very nice write-up about it on his blog. There’s a lot of excellent content on his blog, so I’ve added it to the blogroll. I hightly recommend that you stop by and take a look for yourself.

The other item that I found was the home of the projects of David Forsman, WA7JHZ. I had seen some of David’s projects highlighted on other sites (QRP Homebuilder, SolderSmoke, etc.), but I didn’t realize that he had his own projects site until I came across it randomly this weekend. It’s not strictly QRP (in fact most of the projects are not QRP), but there is a lot of emphasis on lower-power voice rigs (both SSB and AM). There’s a lot of great content to peruse, so get thyself over there right away and start browsing!

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