Fashion Nerd Meets Ham Radio

I used to really like Make Magazine when it first launched, but lately they have been drifting off into areas that seem a bit thinly stretched to be labeled “Maker” activity. However, I’m happy to report that I got a pleasant surprise from Make in my feed reader this morning: a blog post about Dayton Hamvention 2009! Even better, it was written by a younger ham, and a YL to boot: Diana Eng, KC2UHB. Diana goes by the the pen name of Fashion Nerd on her blog, which as you might imagine, is primarily about fashion hacking, or integrating electronics into clothing. It appears that Diana recently got into ham radio, has an interest in satellite ops (not surprising given that she is a resident of NYC) and has already been on a DXpedition.

Fashion Nerd at Dayton 2009
Fashion Nerd at Dayton 2009

She gives a shout out to some popular names in ham radio and QRP, including a couple near and dear to my heart. My new employer, Buddipole, is mentioned as a popular destination at the con for portable antenna gear. She also singles out one of my favorite QRPers, Steve “Goathiker” WG0AT.

Neat to see that the great-grandaddy of the Maker movement is still getting some love from the new generation. Also great to see some more people near my age getting into the hobby.

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