Now Streaming?

Given my withdrawal from Patreon, this seems like a good time to try out some new ideas that have been rattlin’ around the noggin for a while. One of those ideas was to get a little more social (at least in internet terms) by streaming some of my work sessions on Twitch.

So I’ve set up a channel, installed OBS Studio, and have started to learn how to use the software to at least provide a minimal amount of production value. My old Logitech 720p webcam was dusted off, and I even found another of the exact same model for sale at Goodwill in order to give me a couple of different video sources. I imagine I should be able to connect my USB microscopes to OBS as well so that you could get a good look at circuits up close.

At the moment, I’m getting this all set up at my battlestation, which will probably take another week or so to complete, along with the software learning curve. Watch for some test streams in the near future. I’ll try to make sure that Twitch announces when I’m QRV via my Twitter account. I have no idea how interesting this will be, but I figure it might be worth trying.


Some Site Updates

You may have noticed that now has HTTPS enabled (thanks to the wonderful Let’s Encrypt) and redirects all traffic to that protocol. I think everything is working ok, but please contact me if you find problems with the blog.

I added encryption for a couple of reasons. First, I’m on-board with the idea of HTTPS everywhere, if only to thwart any kind of future problems from intermediaries of various types using your browsing against you. Second, I needed to enable it so that I could start accepting revenue from Brave Payments using the Basic Attention Token (abbreviated BAT). What’s the tl;dr? This is a way to get revenue from your content via a decentralized, cryptocurrency token system based on anonymous data from people’s web browser. It’s still very new and I admittedly am not the most up to speed on blockchain/cryptocurrency, but I sounds right up my alley, so I’d like to try it. This blog was just authorized in the Brave Payments system, so I should now be able to receive BAT in my payments wallet if people choose to allocate them to me. Let me know what you think of all this!