Some Site Updates

You may have noticed that now has HTTPS enabled (thanks to the wonderful Let’s Encrypt) and redirects all traffic to that protocol. I think everything is working ok, but please contact me if you find problems with the blog.

I added encryption for a couple of reasons. First, I’m on-board with the idea of HTTPS everywhere, if only to thwart any kind of future problems from intermediaries of various types using your browsing against you. Second, I needed to enable it so that I could start accepting revenue from Brave Payments using the Basic Attention Token (abbreviated BAT). What’s the tl;dr? This is a way to get revenue from your content via a decentralized, cryptocurrency token system based on anonymous data from people’s web browser. It’s still very new and I admittedly am not the most up to speed on blockchain/cryptocurrency, but I sounds right up my alley, so I’d like to try it. This blog was just authorized in the Brave Payments system, so I should now be able to receive BAT in my payments wallet if people choose to allocate them to me. Let me know what you think of all this!

4 thoughts on “Some Site Updates

  1. Hi Jason! I see that Patreon has done an about face on fee restructuring. I mine cryptocurrency but would prefer to pay via traditional means. I thought that you mentioned PayPal as an option. Should I just go that route? I hope that you and your family have a great holiday. 73

  2. Oh, forgot to mention, since you are a cryptocurrency guy, do you have any opinion on BAT? Wasn’t that difficult to set up to receive it from Brave Payments, so I figure it’s worth a try. The funding model seems a lot more appealing to me than others out there.

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