Regarding Recent Availability

I’ve been getting quite a few notifications from GitHub from about issues on my most popular repositories and also have been receiving personal emails asking for support on various issues. Most of these items are not trivial and will take a bit of research on my part in order to understand them and correct them. I’m very pleased that my code has been useful to many people and I’m also extremely grateful for those who take the time to let me know about the problems that they encounter.

I definitely want to tackle as many of these as I can. Right now I’m in a pretty big time crunch as I have two major projects I’m in the middle of executing at the moment. One is personal and the other is the launch of OpenBeacon Mini. Because of the time-sensitive nature of both of these, I’m not going to be able to put any attention into fixing issues and very little into responding to requests for help until At least one of them is complete. You’ll see more info about OpenBeacon Mini very soon and I imagine I’ll share a bit about the other project later as well. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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