Score a Free Empyrean!

It’s almost time for me to launch my latest crowdfunding campaign: the Empyrean microcontroller! Are you interested in an affordable yet powerful Arduino-compatible microcontroller? Then this will be right up your alley! In order to drum up some interest in the upcoming campaign, I’ve decided to give away three Empyrean Alpha boards via a giveaway. All that’s required to enter is to put in a valid name and email, although there are a few extra ways to earn entries via checking out the product page (easy peasy!) and signal boosting the page via social media. I’ll send a follow-up email shortly to those who enter to direct them to the Indiegogo page when it’s ready. You can enter the contest via this widget:

Empyrean Alpha Giveaway

Thanks for your entries and good luck! We’ll see you soon when it’s time to launch Empyrean!

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