New Monday

It’s hard for me to believe, but it has been more than 30 years since the release of Blue Monday by New Order. I always loved that song as a kid, and it still holds up quite well in my opinion. (In related news, holy crap, I’m getting old). Here, from the mysterious Orkestra Obsolete, via BBC is a retro-future rendition of the electropop classic, featuring all manner of unique instruments available from the 1930s, including the theremin. Some boatanchor electronics goodness in this video, and the music is entertaining as well. I quite enjoyed it.

One thought on “New Monday

  1. I still have my original 12″ vinyl of this from my days as a mobile DJ in the early-mid 80’s. It was played at least once at every gig, and was always guaranteed to fill the dance floor!


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