Birth of a Company

EtherkitI’m pleased to announce that I’ve filed the appropriate paperwork, and that my new open source amateur radio company is born! The logo links to the new domain, but there’s nothing on the web yet.

I’ve also given “Project X” a proper name. It’s now going to be known as the CC-series of transceivers (with the current 40 meter beta units being CC-40 models). The beta PCBs are in the process of being manufactured, and are due to get here by the end of January. Once the boards come in and I can build a working beta unit, the real beta test will be on; with any luck by early February. It’s not quite as fast as I had hoped for, but you can’t rush certain things.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on getting the online store functional and navigating the maze of bureaucracy to make sure that I don’t run afoul of some obscure regulations and get shot down before I even take off. The blog updates will pick up again once the beta testing gets going.

5 thoughts on “Birth of a Company

  1. Believe I have “comment-ability” working now Jason (though I’d prefer not to have to log in to your site to do it – something I didn’t actually intend to do!).

    I’m looking forward to the release of your kit as well as with Jason’s eventual report.

    Best wishes in the endeavor,

    John AE5X

  2. @ae5x
    Many thanks John. Let me look into the commenting settings and see if I can change them. Since I see them from the administrative point of view, sometimes I forget what it’s like from the other side. Life would be so much easier if it wasn’t for the scourge of spammers.

  3. Best Wishes for the new venture! I’m looking forward to seeing what you have and visiting at FDIM!

    73 Dave NM0S

  4. Thanks Dave! It was a real pleasure to meet you at last year’s FDIM. I’m hoping that I can make it out to Dayton this year, but it depends on how my finances hold up as I get the business launched.


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