Where Did Summer Go?

It’s hard to believe that the summer is pretty much over. Here in Oregon, it felt like we only had about 6 weeks of summer due to the very late winter and spring. We didn’t even get a chance to go camping once this year, which was a real bummer, but we sacrificed it for a very good cause. You can believe that we’ll be dragging Noah out to the woods for plenty of camping and other outdoor activities by next summer.

I’m a bit regretful that things have been so slow on the blog lately. As you can imagine, my spare time has been reduced pretty drastically. Now that Noah is a month old, we are all starting to settle into some semblance of a routine, so life is slowly getting to a new “normal”. The radio hasn’t even been on since we brought Noah home, but it looks like there’s a chance I’ll be back on the air soon. I actually do have a pretty big ham radio project bubbling on the back burner right now. I can’t quite tell you about it yet, but it will be forthcoming when the time is right. I have a feeling that I will need some assistance with this one, so stay tuned for it. I’m also trying to clear up some time for the OpenQRP project, which is supposed to be shipping pretty soon. I’m excited to see this one get off the ground.

The Amp Hour

I did add a new podcast to the sidebar today. This one is called The Amp Hour (get it?) and it’s hosted by Dave Jones of EEV Blog fame and Chris Gammell. It’s quite entertaining, especially Dave’s no-BS approach to the topics. They really had me hooked in the latest episode when they gave a shout-out to SolderSmoke. Give them a try, I think most of you will like it.

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