Still Waiting

A very quick update for those of you wondering what’s going on at the Milldrum residence. The baby’s due date was 22 July, but that’s come and gone and he still hasn’t shown up yet. Apparently he likes his current accommodations and is reluctant to change. The OB/GYN has decided that he’s had enough time, so she’s going to induce if Jennifer is not in labor by 1 August. So stay tuned, you’ll see some news very soon regardless of which way he comes.

Finally, a brief message courtesy of my manager’s whiteboard:

One thought on “Still Waiting

  1. I hadn’t seen too much of you online recently so assumed that you must be busy with fatherhood by now. Didn’t realize that you were still busy with pre-fatherhood! It’s good to know that the arrival is now imminent. Best of luck Jason, and I love the message on the whiteboard above!

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