Dayton/FDIM 2010 Update

I wanted to post a quick update from my phone. Due to an unforseen level of busyness, I haven’t been able to even sit at my laptop for a few minutes to update the blog. I have been taking notes, so once I am able to I will write about my Dayton experience.

2 thoughts on “Dayton/FDIM 2010 Update

  1. Jason, great to finally meet you! Hope to see you and the family next fall on our way to WA.

    How did your entry do in the FDIM homebrew contest?

    72’s….Mikey, WB8ICN

  2. Mikey, it was a true pleasure to finally meet you in person. Please do drop by our humble abode when you are in town.

    I didn’t win, but the 4 of us who did not win got an honorable mention certificate. The judged said they had a hard time picking a winner, so that was pretty satisfying in my book.


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