Fresh Meat on the Blogroll

I’ve added quite a few new blogs on my blogroll over to the right in the last few months. Please take a few moments to check out these fine blogs and if you like what you see, don’t be afraid let the owner know (something that I’m guilty of neglecting all too often myself). I didn’t get to everyone new on the blogroll, so please click through to all of the entries on the blogroll that are new to you.

Hoaglun’s Rant & Useless Info

Now here’s a blog that feels like it’s written by my twin. NG0R does an excellent job in documenting his homebrewing experiments and showing us his process in developing and measuring his circuits. He also recently made the leap to Ubuntu Linux; something I did a little while ago and haven’t regretted for one moment. FB blog John!


My Flying Pig buddy Brian recently started his own blog to talk about his own QRP adventures and other personal topics. Brian is the editor of the QRP Quarterly and has been plugged into the QRP community for a long time.

WB8ICN’s Blog

Here’s a blog from Mikey, another one of my friends from the Flying Pigs QRP Club. Mikey updates it somewhat infrequently (probably because he’s retired and out on the road a lot, lucky guy), but he always has some interesting posts about his homebrew experiments.

Dave Richards AA7EE

Dave is a Bay Area ham that I had the pleasure of “meeting” on Twitter. He always posts really insightful and smart articles on his blog about ham radio operating, QRP, kit building and other topics. He’s on a bit of a hiatus right now as he is in the process of moving, but I’m sure he will pick up the blogging again when he’s settled in.

K4UPG.COM – Adventures in QRP Portable Ops!

A really fun blog from Kelly K4UPG. He enjoys portable QRP operations and posts tons of neat articles about his adventures, along with a lot of photos to show off the great time that he’s having. Makes me want to get outside more often (if I lived in Florida, I probably would!)

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