Ham Radio Hits Linux Journal

cover189The January 2010 issue of Linux Journal is hitting the newsstands, and this one has the theme of Amateur Radio and Linux. One of the featured articles was written by none other than the local Linux guru, KK7DS. I haven’t purchased the issue yet, but I got a sneak peak at this particular article, and I know that Dan does a nice overview of the ways in which you can integrate Linux into your ham radio activities. There’s also a podcast that the magazine has launched with this issue. The hosts talk about the ham radio stuff, although they are not hams, so they have a bit of a difficult time doing a good job of describing what’s going on with the ham radio stuff. It would have been nice if they would have brought Dan or another ham on as a guest. But it’s worth a listen if you are curious about what’s in the magazine, and it’s only about 20 minutes of program. Check it out if you currently use Linux in your shack or might be interested in doing so.

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