Some Ham Video Goodness

On and Twitter, I’ve had the pleasure of running across Jeremy Chase, N1JER. He’s just getting into operating HF CW, kitbuilding, and homebrewing, and it’s always a treat to get the perspective of a younger guy who is just getting into ham radio. I guess I’m interested because there’s not a ton of us in the under-40 crowd getting into ham radio. Anyway, Jeremy has been having a lot of fun learning this stuff, and has been cool enough to make some videos documenting his progress. I’ve embedded a few of them below for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out his blog for more interesting stuff. A little birdie told me that more videos might be on the way!

One thought on “Some Ham Video Goodness

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the kind words.. I am really having a lot of fun with Radio, and have so many projects planned.. Look out for a video about putting the KD1JV Tenna Dipper in a case next. 🙂


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