Project Euler

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I’ve been under the weather and haven’t accomplished anything other than dragging my sorry carcass to work. And that was a struggle. Anyway, I found something that might interest you math and computer geeks out there. This website, called Project Euler, presents a series of mathematical challenges to overcome. The unique thing about these problems is that they are geared to be solved with the aid of a computer program. You can write your program in any language of your choice. For example you could choose BASIC, C, assembler, or in my case, Python. I’ve wanted to learn Python but never really had a good excuse to try it yet. This will give me a chance to get familiar with the syntax while having a bit of fun at the same time (if your idea of fun is trying to solve math problems, that is). If you create an account on the site, you can track your progress, and as you solve each problem, a forum for that solution is unlocked. Nothing earthshattering, but a bit of a fun diversion for true geeks like me.

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