You Got Your Linux in My Ham Shack!

No, you got your ham shack in my Linux!

I’ve been grumbling to myself about the lack of active ham radio podcasts (sorry but the usual generic ham radio news shows don’t count as podcasts in my book). Lo and behold, I see that KB5JBV and K5TUX have just launched a new podcast, Linux in the HAM Shack. This is right up my alley! The first episode just dropped tonight and I’m exicted to see where the podcast goes in future episodes. This first one is mostly an introduction, so there’s not a lot of meat in it, but I’m sure that will be remedied by episode 2. If you run a Linux box in the shack, or even use open source software like Firefox, I recommend that you subscribe to the podcast feed. Let’s support these guys in a worthwhile effort!

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