A Bit of Morning DX

Got home from work and had an itch to try a bit of PSK31 this morning. 80 and 40 seemed pretty dead at sunrise, but 20 meters was already hopping with signals. I was wondering if I would ever catch the EU stations from the new and improved QTH, and I finally got my answer this morning. All kinds of different European prefixes were streaming across my PSK monitor window, which was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t have much luck trying to work a GM0 or ON8, but did manage to finally snag a quick QSO with Peter, DL3APM. I was running the IC-718 at about 20 watts into the 70-foot random wire. There was a fair bit of QSB, but copy was good enough to allow a good contact on the first try. I know that most of you are probably yawning about a QSO to Germany, but this was kind of exciting to me since I haven’t had a EU QSO since I don’t know when. WIIGII!

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