More Ups and Downs

If there was a more stressful time of my life (at least that I voluntarily put myself into) than the last few days, I would be hard pressed to remember it. Negotiaions on the new house have been very tense, and by yesterday I honestly thought we were going to have to walk away from the deal. Fortunately, we were able to come to an agreement on the needed repairs, so it finally looks like we are over the worst of it. I should feel excited at this point, but all I feel right now is completely worn down. Of course, between all of the home buying dealings and the packing of the crap in our house, there isn’t much time left for radio (or anything else for that matter).

It didn’t help my stress that I just about strangled my dog today. While I was on a very important call with our agent, I heard a huge commotion in the shack. When I got off the phone, I ran in there and found Baxter had dragged the Willamette beta rig off of the bench, where it has crashed on the floor, along with a bunch of other tools and gear. He also got hold of a folder that had some sentimental QSLs and certificates from my early ham days and tore it to shreds. I don’t know what’s got into my dog, other than he’s feeling the stress too. He has been out of the chewing and destruction stage for a while, but in the last few days he’s been back at it. I might have to up his walks from 30 minutes to an hour or so just to burn off more energy. Anybody want to adopt a hell on wheels sweet 2-year-old yellow lab?

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