pQRP LC Meter Complete

A quick update to show that I have completed the pQRP LC meter and placed it in a really nice enclsoure. I finally made it down to Norvac to pick up a few enclosures and found that the Hammond 1590CBU was just about a perfect fit for the meter. It’s made of die-cast aluminum and has a nice blue paint job. It wasn’t cheap, but I feel that this instrument is worthy of a nice enclosure that will protect it for years.

pQRP LC Meter - Internal

pQRP LC Meter - Complete

The LCD and PCB fit just about perfectly in the lid, along with the binding posts and switches. The coaxial DC power connector was placed in the body of the enclosure itself, at the top of the meter as it faces your. Some labels from the label maker finished it off quite nicely. Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this meter. Perhaps NB6M will see fit to produce another kit run to allow more US hams to get in on this great piece of test equipment.

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