Mid-Summer Shack Update

What’s going on at the NT7S shack? The project currently taking up most of my shack time is the construction of the W0IYH RMS-to-DC converter so that I can make accurate noise mesurements. I’m probably about 2/3 finished with this project, with most of the components placed on the copper clad but none of the work on the enclosure done yet. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of this weekend.

Once the RMS detector is finished, I’m going to try to characterize the ENR of my noise sources then get to work measuring the noise figure of the dual gate MOSFET amp that I’ve been measuring and refining over the last couple of months. I think that I will also be doing some work concurrently on building SSB circuitry to experiment with. W8NF loaned me a couple of great books on SSB theory, so I’ve had my nose stuck in them to try to learn a thing or two.

I’m also in the thick of the process of searching for a new home, so with any luck I’ll have a new QTH in a few months. This means I should have the ability to deploy some respectable antennas and finally get away from the horrible broadband noise problem which has been pretty much keeping me off of the air. Exciting times!

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