Field Day 2008 Plans

So it looks like I will be heading up to Stub Stewart State Park to spend some Field Day time with OTVARC and some of the hams from Tektronix. Seeing that the current forecast is for temperatures near 100° in the valley (it may not be much cooler up in the mountains) and that my allergies are killing me right now, I don’t predict that I will be spending a lot of time out there. I’ll see if I can work up the nerve to man the key for a little while, although I have no idea how that will work out. My code speed is only about 13 WPM comfortably, and I’m sure that most CW ops working FD will be a lot quicker than that. I will probably have to troll the upper parts of the CW bands for some slow speed QSOs. Wish me luck, I’m pretty rusty!

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