Inkscape Manhattan Layout Template

I had a lot of requests for the Manhattan Layout Template that I mentioned in my FDIM seminar. Here's a quick & dirty link to the file. I consider it licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA, although I haven't indicated it on the document yet. Hope you enjoy and put it to good use!

Manhattan Layout Template

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2 thoughts on “Inkscape Manhattan Layout Template”

  1. Hi Jason, can you give me a brief description of what the "Manhattan Layout Template" is? I had to step outside during your presentation and I missed your description of it.

    Best 73,
    Al, N8WQ

  2. Hi Al,

    It is simply a file for the open source vector drawing program called Inkscape which has a collection of drawings of commonly used components at proper scale, so that you can copy, paste, and move them around to create a layout diagram for a Manhattan-style project. I used it for my Willamette project on and for the VRX-1 receiver documentation.

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