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The Final Courtesy

The final chapter of the Hi Juno event has arrived at the NT7S shack. After months of waiting and wondering if my reception report was received, I returned home from a SOTA activation to find the beautiful Hi Juno QSL in my mailbox.

Thanks to the folks at JPL who coordinated this intriguing event and took the time to QSL all of us crazy hams who participated. The Hi Juno QSL will definitely sit as one of the specially treasured ones in my collection.

Here’s to a successful mission!

Cool Stuff

Mythbusters at The Tech

This year I made a quick trip to Pacificon (hopefully I’ll have a full blog post about the trip later) but I managed to squeeze in a little time on Sunday to visit with my Mom and Stepdad, who drove down from the Sacramento area to spend a bit of time together. They took me to The Tech Museum of Innovation in downtown San Jose before dropping me off for my flight home. The museum was cool, but it reminded me of OMSI and seemed to be geared towards kids and the less tech-savvy. However, they had just opened up a special exhibit called Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition a day prior to our visit. It wasn’t a huge exhibit, but it was obviously well thought-out and a ton of the actual props from the show were brought in for display, which are instantly recognizable to fans of the program. Most of it was interactive, and they even had a live stage show with audience participation. Given that M5 Industries is also in the Bay Area, it seems like a natural choice for The Tech to host this exhibit.

This was by far the best part of the day for me. I snapped some photos with my lousy phone camera, which are presented below. If you’re a fan of the show and you are in the area, it’s well worth your time to visit, and I think you can get admission separate from the main museum if you would like.