Fancier Minecraft Pi Game of Life

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”IMG_20130218_012053.jpg” type=”image” alt=”IMG_20130218_012053.jpg” ] I spiffed up my last bit of Minecraft Pi Edition code by making the Game of Life fit into a smaller area of the world, making the world grid and live cells easier to see (by making dead cells Obsidian and live cells Diamond Blocks), and even adding… Read More Fancier Minecraft Pi Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life in Minecraft Pi Edition

Also known as “The slowest implementation of the Game of Life in 2013″. This is what happens when you have insomnia. [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”IMG_20130214_031548.jpg” type=”image” alt=”IMG_20130214_031548.jpg” ] What I did was first clear out the entire world, then place a plane of glass across the entire world at y=1. The actual Life cells are… Read More Conway’s Game of Life in Minecraft Pi Edition

3D Printed Enclosures

In my FDIM 2012 and Pacificon 2012 presentations, I mentioned 3D printing as a disruptive technology that could be useful to ham homebrewers in the construction of enclosures for our projects. This link has a good example of what I was envisioning, calling this application the “killer app” of 3D printing.

Dayton Or Bust

I’ve got another grab-bag of miscellaneous news for this post, but I’m going to lead off with the big one: I’m going to be a presenter at the world’s preeminent QRP convention: Four Days In May 2012. The tentative topic for my presentation will be about the free and open source tools that I use… Read More Dayton Or Bust


Update Here’s a quote from Wes describing the equipment that he was using on his end: I hope that my signal was OK when we worked.   I was in the midst of wrapping up a frequency synthesizer project and had it running on the rig for the first time.   When I heard you… Read More Respect